Considering Cremation Services in Celebration, FL

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cremation services in Celebration, FL

Cremation is commonly chosen over burials for a variety of reasons. Sometime it is a combination of cost and personal reasons, whereas other times it is simply to save space. In general, however, people tend to choose cremation services over burials because it is less expensive. If you are mostly uninformed about cremation, though, you may want to do some research before making a decision. The biggest difference between cremation and a burial is that cremation involves completely incinerating the body so that only ashes remain, whereas burials keep the body intact. You should first have an understanding of how the cremation process works before deciding on cremation services in Celebration, FL.

The Process

Both cremation and burials consist of processes that affect the body. During the cremation process, the body is reduced to its essential elements within a few hours by being exposed to intense heat. By contrast, in a burial, the body is gradually broken down via decomposition. There is also direct cremation, where the body is cremated within the immediate days following the person’s death. The latter is the most cost-effective kind of cremation and there are no extra steps taken, whereas standard cremation involves some kind of funeral service as well. Crematories have strict procedures to make sure that remains are handled with respect and care, and the body is first cleaned and properly identified. Depending on the facility, you may also be allowed to witness the cremation.

The Benefits

cremation services in Celebration, FLThere are quite a few benefits to choosing cremation services as well. The cremation process is much less expensive than buying a casket and a larger burial plot. Due to several factors, cremations cost around $2,000, and reliable urns can be purchased for around $100 to $200. In comparison, a casket could cost two, three or four times that amount, so it is obvious that cremation is the more affordable option. Cremains (the cremated remains) being placed in an urn will be less expensive than buying a casket. Additionally, you may wish to bury the urn at a grave site or crypt. You can choose to go with the less expensive route of cremation while still honoring tradition by burying the cremains. Cremation is also more environmentally friendly. The earth’s population is constantly increasing, and as a result, more and more land is being used for burial plots. By choosing cremation, you or your loved one can be buried in a smaller area. Furthermore, if you do not want to hold a complicated funeral service, you can instead choose to have a memorial service at a quiet location, and you may spread the ashes there as well if you wish.

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