Coping with Loss During the Holidays

Posted on December 24, 2018 by admin under Funeral Homes
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The holidays can be a tough time for people who have lost a loved one. Even if the death occurred months before, the holidays can bring all of those emotions back up. It can feel overwhelming and can even hinder your enjoyment of events and celebrations. Funeral homes in Poinciana, FL have some great suggestions of things you can do to help yourself through these difficult times.   

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It can be an important thing to take some time to remember your loved one during the holidays. Many times, people feel guilt at enjoying themselves, which can make the celebrations tough. Instead of trying to push aside the death, take time to highlight it by having a special remembrance of a loved one. It can be a simple dinner with close friends and family to remember the person you have lost, or just taking the time to visit the grave and place fresh flowers on it. You may think that it is an insignificant thing to do, but it can actually help a lot.  

If you are finding it hard to attend parties or if it is draining your energy level, then set a limit of how many parties you will attend. Let people know the reason for this limit and they will not try to convince you to attend if you do not feel comfortable. By setting a limit you can enjoy yourself while still knowing that you will not be overwhelmed if you are not up for continuous celebrations.   

If the death is a recent one and your entire family is still mourning, it can sometimes be a good idea to take some time away for yourself. Do something that makes you happy, like seeing a movie, or having dinner on your own. Many times, family celebrations right after a loss can be too painful, so give yourself space to deal with your own emotions. Do your best to explain this to your loved ones so that they understand your actions.   

Take care of yourself. This means eating correctly and making sure that you get enough sleep. People who are dealing with grief sometimes experience difficulties sleeping, so if that is something that you are going through, reach out for help. Try not to drink in excess, even in parties, since this can cause mood imbalances. Overall, be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to heal.  

You can get through the holiday season after a loss by ensuring you have the space you need, as well as the support of those who love you if you need it. Taking care of yourself and setting limits on the amount of parties or celebrations you attend can be the best way to prevent feeling overwhelmed. For those who still have concerns about the holiday season and dealing with grief, reach out to a funeral home like Osceola Memory Gardens Cemetery, Funeral Homes & Crematory. Find them at 1717 Old Boggy Creek Rd Kissimmee, FL 34744, or by calling (407) 847-2494. 

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