Cremation Services Vocabulary to Know

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Getting started planning a cremation can seem difficult. You are dealing with grief from the loss of a loved one as well as the stress of having to make all manner of arrangements. Something that can make the experience more difficult is the strange terms you will hear that deal with cremation services. What cremations providers recommend is learning a few of the most important ones so that you are not confused when you start making plans.   

Direct cremation is a term you will hear often as you start making arrangements. This kind of cremation is the most common one. It uses extreme heat to break the body down. It is also the most affordable cremation option as well as the most affordable funeral service option you can select.  

Bio cremation is another kind of cremation, which utilizes alkaline water to break the body down. It is a more expensive option but it can be the right one for people who are concerned about the environment. This is because it does not release carbon into the air, like direct cremation does.   

A columbarium is another term you may hear when deciding on what to do with the remains. A columbarium is a location in a cemetery, where lots of urns are stored. These slots where they are placed are called niches, and they can be of lots of different sizes. There are niches in varied budget options depending on the size and location in the columbarium. Some columbariums are indoors while others are outdoors, so keep that in mind when making a decision.   

You may also hear the term companion urn. These kinds of urns are those that can hold the ashes of two people. For those who want to be laid to rest with a loved one, they can be the perfect choice. They are larger than regular urns and can be a bit more expensive, depending on the style and material you choose. They will also need a larger niche if that is what you are planning on purchasing.   

Keepsake urns are those urns that you can wear, like lockets that hold ashes, or have around the house without necessarily telling everyone that they are urns. Common options include jewelry with special compartments and picture frames that can hold the cremated remains while still displaying a picture of the loved one you lost.   

Knowing what these terms mean can make it much easier for you to plan the cremation service you want for your loved one. If you are not sure what any terms mean, providers of cremations in Saint Cloud, FL can explain what they mean. It can be a good idea to do some research so that you know what services you may be considering and take the time to contact a funeral home like Osceola Memory Gardens Cemetery, Funeral Homes & Crematory to learn more. Stop by their location at 1717 Old Boggy Creek Rd Kissimmee, FL 34744 or call (407) 847-2494 today.  

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