Everything You Need to Know About Cremation Urns Before Buying One

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Buying an urn to hold the cremated remains of a loved one requires you to be aware of the options available. There are all manner of urns to choose from, with different sizes, styles, and budgets making it more difficult to know what to purchase. Cremations providers are aware of just how confusing it can be to make this kind of decision when dealing with all of the other funerary arrangements, which is why we have some vital things you need to know about urns.  St. Cloud, FL cremations

The first thing to know is that an urn can really be anything, as long as it can hold cremated remains. No funeral home or crematorium can make you purchase a container that is specifically designed for ashes, and you do not have to buy anything from them if you do not want to. When you go pick up the ashes, you can bring a container that you bought from a third party or anything that can fit all of the remains. The terms used for this kind of container are also varied and can include: burial urn, cremation vessels, cremation containers, and more.  

Many people think that all cremation urns are the same size, but this is not necessarily so. Standard urns are for people who weighed 200 pounds or less, since this will create 200 cubic inches of cremated remains. For people who weighed more, you will need to purchase a larger urn or one that is built to hold the cremated remains of two people, called a companion urn. There are also keepsake urns that hold only a small amount of ashes. These urns allow you to share the remains with other family members. 

It is important to consider how you will use the cremation urn. Display urns tend to be fancier, especially those meant to be placed on a columbarium niche. They come in sturdier materials, with metal options being the most common since they require minimal upkeep. If you plan on a water burial, however, you will need to choose a biodegradable option, such as urns made of clay, wicker, mud, or even seaweed. Depending on how you will use the urn, you should consider different material options.  

For those who are planning on scattering the ashes but who want to have a memorial service with the cremated remains present, there is also the option of renting an urn. This can help bring down costs and you will be able to choose from all manner of styles and designs without having to make an actual purchase.  

By keeping all of these things in mind, you do not have to have a difficult time purchasing the cremation urn you want for your loved one. When planning a cremation in St. Cloud, FL, reach out to a reputable funeral home or crematorium to see what they have available. A company like Osceola Memory Gardens Cemetery, Funeral Homes & Crematory, located at 1717 Old Boggy Creek Rd Kissimmee, FL 34744 can offer excellent cremation urn options. Call (407) 847-2494. 

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