Gifts that Do Not Fade: What to Choose Instead of Flowers

Posted on June 4, 2018 by Osceola Memory Gardens under Funeral Homes
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It can be a very difficult to decide what kind of sympathy gift to provide a loved one who has lost a friend or relative. Most people turn to the usual bouquet of flowers, or fancy arrangements, which are lovely, but end up fading and dying. There are other options, however. Lots of funeral homes have great gifts that can show your loved one that you are thinking of them, while making sure that they can treasure those gifts forever. We have some popular options below.

Personalized Bird Feeder

One beautiful option to consider is a bird feeder that has been engraved with a personalized message. It can be a commemoration to the loved one they have lost or it can be words of comfort. Passages from the Bible are common, as are lines from poetry. There are lots of options when it comes to these bird feeders, and it can be something your loved one will see and appreciate while thinking of the person they lost for many years into the future.

Memorial Jewelry

Another option can be memorial jewelry. These can be engraved with the date of the funeral, the name of the deceased, or any other important words or dates your loved one would appreciate. Some of these kinds of jewelry have compartments where a loved one can place the ashes of the person they have lost, allowing them to wear them close to their hearts at all times. The right funeral home will be able to provide you with information on where to purchase these kinds of memorial jewelry options.


Although this may seem like a strange gift to provide to a loved one, it is immensely useful. When people are grieving and busy making funeral arrangements, they may not have time to eat or they may even forget to do so. By sending them a meal, something comforting, you can make certain that they are getting the nourishment they need to get through that difficult time.

Gifts Useful for Funeral

Another idea for a sympathy gift is to choose something that will be useful for the funeral. This can include a guestbook for the service. There are lots of beautiful options, some that can even be embossed with gold lettering. You can also offer to provide the invitations to the funeral service, since this will not only save your loved one money but will help relieve one stress. You can offer to purchase the urn they have chosen for their loved one, too.

Depending on your budget, you can find all manner of sympathy gifts that do not have to be flowers. If you do opt for a bouquet or arrangement, be sure to add a personalized note or card. There are lots of companies that provide sympathy gifts that are creative and affordable, so be sure to do some research. If you need help, a company like Osceola Memory Gardens at 1717 Old Boggy Creek Road Kissimmee, FL 34744 will be happy to provide you with ideas. Call (407) 847-2494!

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