How to Plan a Celebration of Life

Posted on December 5, 2022 by Osceola Memory Gardens under Funeral Homes
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A celebration of life can be a beautiful event that honors a person’s memory. They’re a little different from a typical funeral or memorial service, but they are no less meaningful. Many families are looking to more alternative ways to honor and pay tribute to their loved one’s memories these days. Your funeral home near Celebration, FL, will be able to help with planning and arranging whatever kind of memorial service you may want to put together.

So, what exactly is a celebration of life, and why is it different from a memorial service? As the name suggests, a celebration of life is meant to be just that – a celebration! They generally have a more upbeat and even party-like atmosphere, compared to a traditional funeral or memorial. They’re often held in honor of a person who has lived a long, full life. Family and friends are invited to come and share in the joy of remembering the person who made such an impact on their lives. It can be held in any variety of locations. You could have it at a public park, or on the property of a family member or friend outdoors. You might choose to rent out a gathering hall at a restaurant or other type of venue. If your place of worship has an area that would be accommodating, that could be an option as well. Because it is a form of memorial service, you’re not beholden to the same quick timeline that a funeral requires, and you can plan it according to what will work best for everyone involved.

funeral home near Celebration, FL

One thing you’ll have to consider is how many people you expect to attend. There may be a great number of family, friends, and members of the community who will want to come and be a part ofthe celebration of life. It’s common to provide food and drinks, and how you choose to do that will be up to you and your family. You might have it be potluck-style, where people can bring a passing dish to share. On the other hand, you might bring in carry-out food, or even have it catered. You can provide whatever kind of drinks you want, and might even consider including your loved one’s favorite foods or beverages as part of the offerings. You might have people come up and share memories in front of everyone, and you could even include a special toast to their memory.

There are so many more ways to make a celebration of life unique and personal to the person it honors. You will know best what to include to make it a memorable and meaningful day for everyone, and especially for your loved one’s memory. If you need help or suggestions as to where to have it, or who you can ask to lead a small service, you can ask your funeral home near Celebration, FL. They have plenty of resources that will help you to make it a special memorial and celebration in honor of your loved one’s life well-lived.

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