Myths About Cremation

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You may be considering cremation services in the Lake Nona, FL area, but aren’t entirely sure if that’s what you want to go with yet. After all, there’s some information going around that has you questioning whether cremation is really as great an option as it sounds. It’s understandable to not want to make a decision unless you know for certain it’s a good one. Fortunately, several myths about cremation have since been debunked.

Can You Have a Traditional Funeral If You Choose Cremation?

Choosing cremation does not mean you can’t hold a traditional funeral. Many families prefer to have their loved one’s remains cremated and then hold a funeral or memorial service afterwards with the urn present. Another common choice is to hold a traditional funeral before the cremation. Once the cremated remains have been returned to you, they can be buried or scattered at most cemeteries.

Do Most Religions Forbid Cremation?

Something that is occasionally heard from families while making funeral arrangements is that their religion forbids cremation. This may or may not be true, depending on what religion you practice. For example, in religions like Judaism and Islam, cremation is not practiced. Certain churches have changed their stance on the issue over time. The Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Church, for instance, allow cremation but still prefer burial. If you are unsure about your faith’s view on cremation, you may want to talk about it with your religious leader for further clarification.

Can I Get Someone Else’s Ashes When Choosing Cremation?

One of the most popular cremation myths that scares many people is that they might get someone else’s ashes returned to them. The ICCFA has written guidelines which include: “The crematory authority should not simultaneously cremate more than one human remains in the same cremation chamber unless it has written authorization to do so by the authorizing agent of each human remains to be cremated.”

The vast majority of funeral homes are members of associations like the ICCFA or NFDA and strictly follow the guidelines set out by these associations. During the cremation, the remains are marked beforehand, and the family is also required to identify the remains before the cremation can begin. You can rest assure that only your loved one’s cremated remains will be returned to you.

Is Scattering Ashes Legal?cremation services in Lake Nona, FL

Some families will choose to forego cremation because they believe that spreading ashes is illegal. While there are indeed certain public spaces where it’s illegal to spread ashes, there are also many public and private areas where it is permitted. If you are interested in scattering your loved one’s ashes, make sure to first consult with your local government and agencies about any restrictions or requirements. Also, if you plan to scatter ashes on private land, be sure you receive written permission from the landowner beforehand.

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