Open vs. Closed Casket

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There is no “right” choice when it comes to deciding on having an open or closed casket at a funeral, only the one that suits your personal needs. In some cases, however, a closed casket is deemed more appropriate given certain circumstances. For example, if children will be attending the service, then seeing the deceased may be very difficult or upsetting for them, possibly among other guests as well. If you find yourself having trouble deciding on this matter while looking for funeral homes near Lake Nona, FL, you may want to continue reading. Open Casket As it sounds, an open casket funeral consists of the casket remaining open for the body of the deceased to be viewed. When preparing for an open casket, the funeral home staff will have to cover a few steps, such as:

  • Embalming of the body. The body naturally starts to decompose quite fast after death. When you are planning for others to see your loved one’s body, the embalming cannot be skipped.
  • Dressing the body. In many cultures, family members are the ones who acquire the clothing for the deceased, and commonly select articles of clothing that the deceased was fond of wearing when they were alive. There are some cases in which the deceased may have experienced sudden weight loss or gain shortly before their death, and some clothing alteration may be required.
  • Using makeup on the body. A member of the funeral home staff will apply makeup on the deceased’s exposed skin to give it a healthier complexion. They may also add some color to the cheeks and lips, helping the body to appear more life-like overall.
  • Taking care of the deceased’s hair. Most often, the funeral home will ask for a picture of the deceased to see how they used to style the hair.

After it is prepared, the body of the deceased will be placed in a casket. In most cases, only the top half of the casket is going to be left open, allowing those attending the funeral service to see the head, shoulders and chest of the deceased.

Some would argue that open-casket funerals are not the standard, noting that the body is displayed throughout the wake or visitation, but not during the actual funeral service per se. Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

Closed Casket

funeral homes near Lake Nona, FLJust like with an open casket funeral, a closed casket funeral refers to the body not being shown throughout the funeral service. No one is going to see the body of the deceased, but the body may be shown throughout the wake or visitation. For specific

reasons, the casket is kept closed for the funeral service. When the body is never shown, it is possible that it has not been embalmed.

While it is easy to assume that closed casket funerals are held in cases where the deceased’s body has been mutilated, this is not always so. Many people wish to have a closed casket funeral for honoring the deceased, regardless of the state of the body. Some also see an open casket as an invasion of intimacy. Religion is yet another aspect that comes into play, with some not endorsing an open casket.

Once again, there is no correct option regarding open or closed casket funerals, it all depends on you and your family. If you are looking for funeral homes near Lake Nona, FL, then you should consider Osceola Memory Gardens. You can call them t (407) 847-0765 or visit their general office at 1717 Old Boggy Creek Rd Kissimmee, FL 34744. For further contact information on their other facilities, please visit their website at