Orlando, FL Cremation Services: Most Common Cremation Myths

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Although cremation has become more common these days, many people still think it is not the best choice for their loved ones or even for themselves. Lots of times, this is because of misconceptions about what cremation really is and how the process is done. Cremation service providers have noticed that there are a number of myths that can prevent people from choosing cremation as the right option. We will look at some of these myths below.

Myth: Religions Do Not Approve Cremation

This is not true. These days, most religions are just fine with cremations. The more orthodox branches of each religion may have different recommendations, but cremation is a good choice for lots of religious people. Some religious leaders even recommend it to their congregations because of the benefits to the environment.

Myth: The Remains are Ashes

It is common to think that what you put in an urn is ashes, but this is not the case. When a body is broken down using cremation, the only things that remain are bones. These bones are pulverized into a fine sand that people call ashes. If you have questions about the process and how the remains are prepared, speak with a cremation service provider in Orlando, FL. They will be more than happy to explain.

Myth: Remains are Often Misplaced or Swapped

This is probably the number one concern that people have when they decline cremation as an option. Misplaced remains never occur. This is because the cremation process requires an extensive amount of paperwork. Since the process cannot be reversed, a cremation facility will require lots of information to be sure that the right person is cremated. Swapped remains never happen. If you are still concerned, you can even arrange to be present during the cremation. This can put many people at ease.

Myth: Scattering Ashes is Not Legal

Lots of people also think that scattering ashes can be a problem. This is not true. Most public areas allow for the scattering of ashes, though if you want to do so on private land, you will have to get permission from the owner. You can even scatter them over water without any issues. If you are still concerned about it, speak with a cremation service specialist to see what they recommend. Scattering ashes is completely legal and lots of people do it every day.

Take the time to speak with a cremation provider to learn more about the process. For many reasons, cremation can be the right option for your loved one. Not only is it less expensive than burial, but it can also help the environment. By reaching out to an Orlando, FL cremation service, you can get reassurance about any concerns you may have about the process. At Osceola Memory Gardens, we can offer the quality services you want to honor your loved ones. We are located at 1717 Old Boggy Creek Road Kissimmee, FL 34744. Call us at (407) 847-2494!

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