Planning a Unique Memorial Service

Posted on April 18, 2022 by Osceola Memory Gardens under Funeral Homes
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While many people opt for the traditional funeral and burial for their loved one’s final arrangements, still many others are choosing to have more unique memorial services. These often take place after cremation, but could take place after burial as well. Memorial services can be held in any number of locations, from a place of worship, to a park, to a funeral home near Celebration, FL. Here are some ideas that can help you plan a unique and personal memorial service, fitting to honor your loved one’s memory.

First of all, you will probably want to go through and select photos to share of your loved one to share. These could range from all parts of their life. Family and friends will enjoy looking at the old photos, reliving memories, and remembering your loved one as they were in the prime of their life. Younger generations can look at how it was before their time, and see another side their departed loved one. Think about including keepsakes and important items that represent your loved one, such as paintings, a favorite jacket, military honors, etc. Everyone is different, and you knew them best. Seeing these pieces of their life provides a way for everyone to fondly remember and grieve.

You may want to think about what kind of music you’d like to be playing during the service as well. Whether it’s a more formal service or a more informal gathering like a celebration of life, the music played can be chosen to represent your loved one. Did they have any particular bands or songs that they loved? Honor their memory by including music that they would have chosen themselves. You may even want to put together a slideshow with video or pictures from their past, or hire a band to play their favorite songs.

funeral home near Celebration, FLYou will also want to consider the location of the memorial service. If a funeral home or place of worship feels too formal, there are many other options. A small get-together can be held in the home of a family member, or you can rent out a gathering hall for a larger crowd. Thinking about the type of feeling you want the event to have – more of a celebratory feel, or a somber and formal affair, or somewhere in between – can help you to decide where to hold the service.

These are just a few ideas for creating a unique memorial service for your loved one. You may want to find out if there are any customs or traditions that tie into their ancestry that could be included. Perhaps they had a favorite toast or quote that everyone could repeat together in their honor. When you have some ideas for what you want, talk to your funeral home near Celebration, FL, to get their help with planning your services. They can connect you with someone to officiate, help you find a venue, and give you any other advice that you need. Holding a meaningful memorial for your loved one is an important step in grieving. Making it personal and unique will make for a lasting memory for everyone in attendance.

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