Preparing Children for Funeral Services

Posted on December 2, 2019 by admin under Funeral Homes
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Not everyone realizes that children mourn a loss very much like adults. They can go through a deep mourning period and they can require the same kind of closure that you do. This is why it can be a good idea to consider taking a child to a funeral or memorial service. If you are thinking of doing this but you are not sure how to prepare the child for the service, funeral homes in Kissimmee, FL can help.

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It can be tempting not to tell your child about the death or to create a story about why their loved one is missing. This is not a healthy thing to do, and it can actually cause all manner of issues in the future. Take the time to sit down and have an honest conversation with your child about death and what it means. Be honest and do not use euphemisms, since these can do more harm than good.

Once the child understands that the person has died, you will want to allow them to ask any questions that they may have. You may not have the answers, so let them know this. Try not to make up answers, since that can confuse a child. Instead, you may want to speak with a funeral home director to see if they can offer answers to the kinds of questions that a child might ask.

It can also be a good idea to schedule a meeting with the funeral home director. This will allow the child to ask any questions they may have from an expert. It is also a good way of letting the child get used to the funeral home so that they are not scared when they go for the service. For children, the unknown can be very frightening. By doing this, you can make them feel a bit more at ease. Many funeral home directors will give children an exclusive tour of the facilities so that they can feel more at ease.

It is crucial that you ask your child if they want to go to the service. A child who does not want to attend will not get the benefits if your force them to go. The best thing that you can do is give them a choice. This will make them feel like they are more in control and that you are actually listening and paying attention to what they are going through.

These are all very important things that you can do to prepare a child to attend a funeral or memorial service. You do not want to force them to go if they do not want to, and you want to give them the chance to ask lots of questions. Speak with the funeral home director to get the assistance you need. At a Kissimmee, FL funeral home like ours at Osceola Memory Gardens Cemetery, Funeral Homes & Crematory, we will do our best to make this easier for your entire family. Visit us at 1717 old Boggy Creek Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34744 or call us at (407) 847-2494 today.

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