Proper Funeral Etiquette

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Many people do not enjoy attending funerals, as they are not exactly happy occasions. Rather, they’re often considered an uncomfortable one, regardless of how many you’ve been to. Every family is different, and what may be protocol at one funeral may not apply to another. However, certain social guidelines are universal when it comes to funeral and memorial service etiquette. If you are going to be visiting one of the funeral homes near Lake Nona, FL sometime soon and aren’t sure how to prepare for a funeral service, the following tips may prove helpful.

When attending a funeral or memorial service, you should:

  • Dress appropriately. Keep your attire modest and semi-formal. Sometimes the deceased’s family will actually have a specified dress code. If there isn’t one, or for some reason you cannot abide by the dress code, then dress conservatively and avoid bright colors.
  • Be on time. A funeral is one event you do not want to be late for, so try to be there at the appropriate time. If you do arrive late, quietly take a seat in the back for minimal disruption.
  • Offer sympathy. It is not always easy to find words to say to the deceased’s family, but a simple “I’m sorry for your loss,” is usually enough. Be respectful while acknowledging your own feelings.
  • Sign the guestbook. Write down not only your name, but also your relationship to the deceased. Their family may wish to keep a record of you.
  • Bring a gift. While the specifics don’t necessarily matter, flowers are always a safe bet. You will want to give the family a signed card as well.

On the other hand, here are some things you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t leave your phone on. Either set it to silent, turn it off or leave it in your car before entering the funeral home. You do not want to cause a disturbance during the services, and looking at your phone can give the impression you would rather not be there.
  • Don’t allow your children to be a disturbance. It can be difficult for kids to contain their energy, and if you think they may be a problem, consider leaving them with a babysitter. If the deceased was important to your children, you may want to bring them, just try to keep them as quiet and well behaved as possible.funeral homes near Lake Nona, FL
  • Don’t be afraid to laugh. There is nothing wrong with sharing a few funny stories or memories during the service, as they help lighten the mood and ease some of the pain weighing on everyone’s hearts. However, make sure you are mindful of the time and place.
  • Don’t feel you have to view the deceased if there is an open casket. As with most things, if you are not comfortable with it, you shouldn’t force yourself.
  • Don’t feel you have to stay. If you have to keep your visit short for some reason, you are not obligated to lengthen it.

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