Putting a Memorial Display Together

Posted on November 22, 2021 by admin under Cremation Service
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If you are getting ready to make arrangements for the services of a loved one, you want to consider a memorial display. This can allow people to get a sense of who your loved one was and what they enjoyed doing. It can also help the grieving process to do this, so you do want to consider it. If that is something that you would like to do, but have never put a memorial display together, there are some tips that providers of cremation services in Lake Nona, FL want you to remember.

You want to add photos to the display. This is something that can have a huge impact on the guests. Some people choose to have a large portrait be the center of the display, but you can choose to have images set up in any way you prefer. It is always a good idea to have photos from all aspects of your loved one’s life and from all ages. If you do not have many photos, you can ask other people to donate a copy for the display.

Another thing you want to add to the memorial display is items that show your loved one’s hobbies and passions. If they were passionate about a particular sport or a team, you can have that displayed. You can even choose to decorate with the colors of their favorite teams. If they did crafts, you can have examples of their work. You may even want to ask people who have received gifts from the person to bring the item to add to the display. All of these things can help.

cremation services in Lake Nona, FLIf your loved one collected anything, you want to display that, too. You want to choose a few items that they would have liked other people to see and have them at the memorial display. If you are not planning on keeping the entire collection, you can even give out some of the items as keepsakes. This can be a lovely way of the guests taking something that reminds them of the person home.

When you are choosing items or photos for a memorial display, you want to be selective. Adding too many things can overwhelm the guests and can keep them from really looking at the most important things in the display. By choosing only a few photos and items, you can really get people to focus on who your loved one was.

These tips can help you create the kind of memorial that you want for your loved one. You want to take time to consider all of the items and photos you have and choose the ones that you love the most. You can learn more about how to do all of this by reaching out to a Lake Nona, FL cremation service provider like us at Osceola Memory Gardens Cemetery, Funeral Homes & Crematory. We are ready to help you with all of the decisions you need to make. Stop by our location today.