Putting Together a Scattering Ceremony

Posted on September 12, 2022 by Osceola Memory Gardens under Cremation Service
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It’s very common for people who choose to be cremated to want their ashes scattered or spread in a certain place. It is a way for them to return to a place that held meaning in life. This could be a place where they formed many fond childhood memories or a location where an important life event occurred. With their years of experience, your provider of cremation services near Celebration, FL, can help guide you in planning a scattering ceremony. Here are some ways to prepare and ideas of what to include.

The first thing you should do is do a little research into where you’re planning to scatter. Depending on where it is, whether it’s public or private property, and more, you may find that there are regulations limiting when and where you can scatter. It’s better to prepare beforehand by seeking permission so that on the day of the ceremony you will not have any concerns. If your loved one wanted their ashes to be scattered in a body of water, you’ll also have to make arrangements to rent a boat or even hire a captain, if you do not already have a boat to use.

Next, you’ll have to consider who should attend. Oftentimes, a scattering ceremony is a smaller, more intimate gathering than a funeral or memorial service. You may wish only for close family andcremation services near Celebration, FL friends to attend, although what you choose to do is purely up to you and what your loved one would have wanted. Let them know when and where the scattering ceremony will take place. If you plan on letting everyone scatter a small amount of ashes themselves, you’ll need to figure out a small vessel or container to use. You can find scattering urns through your funeral home, which may be useful for this purpose.

After that, you may want to think about what kind of special or personal touches to include. This could be something like reading a favorite poem or prayer of theirs or including a song that held meaning for them. Perhaps you want to provide drinks for a toast in their honor. You could also include eco-friendly items like flowers as part of the scattering. This can be especially beautiful when done at sea. You might ask a clergy leader to attend and lead a short service. Think of what would be fitting and appropriate to honor your loved one.

These are just a few basic ideas to get you started on planning a loved one’s scattering ceremony. It’s a special opportunity for family and friends to say a final goodbye, and it’s also a way to return your cherished one to a place that they loved in life. If you want some more guidance on where to go in your local area, contact your provider of cremation services near Celebration, FL. They have plenty of experience and can help set you on the right track, as well as offer any kind of merchandise that will help with the scattering process. Then, you can prepare to bring your loved one to their final resting place, where you can say your final goodbye.

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