The Importance of Funerals

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Whenever someone dies, a funeral or some other kind of memorial service is held. It is practically an unspoken truth that doing so allows the deceased to rest in peace and, in turn, gives those left behind peace of mind. Why, though? Is there a particular reason people all over the world have come to carry out funerals and still do? You may be wondering this yourself as you look into cremation services in the Celebration, FL area.

At its roots, funerals are basically rituals that we carry out. Rituals are symbolic activities that help us, together with our families and friends, express our innermost thoughts and feelings about significant events in life. For example, birthday parties celebrate the passing of another year in the life of someone we love, and weddings publicly affirm the love shared by two people about to spend the rest of their lives together.

Much like weddings, funerals are also a public, traditional and symbolic means of expressing our beliefs, thoughts and feelings about the death of a loved one. The funeral ceremony helps us acknowledge the reality of death, honors the life of the deceased, encourages the expression of grief in a way consistent with the culture’s values, provides comfort to those who are grieving, allows for the embracing of beliefs about life and death, and offers hope for the living. If someone chooses cremation and opts to keep their loved one’s remains in an urn, they may be inclined to keep the urn with them in their home; this can be seen as a way of keeping the departed both physically and mentally close to our hearts.

cremation services in Celebration, FLThese days, it seems that less and less people prefer to mourn publicly, which takes away from many of the healing purposes of the funeral. Everyone has their reasons, of course, but funerals are beneficial for all of the previously mentioned reasons, and not acknowledging any of it publicly can potentially lead to a worsened state of grief. When someone loved dies, we should openly acknowledge the reality and the finality of the death if we are to move forward from mourning. Funerals can serve as meaningful points of departure that keep the deceased’s memory alive even though they themselves are gone. They are not just about honoring the deceased’s life; funerals are also irrefutable reminders that someone we loved is now dead, even though up until the funeral we may have denied this fact. It is common for people to enter stages of denial when dealing with loss, mainly in the event of someone dear to us passing. When we enter the funeral home, attend the service, and inevitably watch as the casket is lowered into the ground – or alternatively, attend the cremation process and watch the scattering of the ashes – we are witness to death’s finality. We have closure and acceptance, though additional support is provided by the funeral home in case some people are still struggling with getting over their grief.

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