Transporting Cremated Remains on Planes

Posted on January 11, 2021 by Osceola Memory Gardens under Cremation Service
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Losing a loved one is hard enough but it can be even more complex when your loved one died far from home. This can make things more complicated, especially if you want to bring the remains back home. When you start thinking about how to make these arrangements, it can help to have a good idea of what to expect and what you need to do to make it possible. Here are some tips that providers of cremation services in Lake Nona, FL want you to know before you start.

One crucial thing you need to do is to have experts helping you. You should not attempt to do this kind of transportation on your own, since it can end up creating more problems. By having someone who is an expert at what they do and by hiring people who have done this kind of work before, you can make certain that everything will be in order. This is definitely something to remember if you are transporting the remains from another country.

Another thing to remember is that every airline can have different guidelines. This means that even if you have done this kind of transporting in the past, you still need to know if the one you are considering now does anything differently. Do not take anything for granted when you are planning on these transportations because airlines do have their own processes and paperwork. The last thing you need is to not be able to fly because of missing paperwork.

You want to remember that the cremated remains will have to go through the X-ray machine at the airport. This is not something that everyone remembers and it can be a concern, since some containers or urns do not make this possible. If you choose an urn that is made of glass, ceramic, wood, and many other options, this may not be an issue, but if you have one that is made of metal, you will have to worry about the X-ray machine not being able to see into the container. Be sure to ask the airline about their rules about this and see if they allow metal containers at all.cremation services in Lake Nona, FL

When deciding to fly your loved one’s cremated remains home, it is important to know as much about the process as you can, since this will have a huge impact on the kind of experience you have. Read up on the guidelines that the company requires and be sure to contact the provider you have hired to help you with the arrangements. If you are worried about the process, having experts on your side can help. You can do this right now by reaching out to a Lake Nona, FL cremation service provider like us at Osceola Memory Gardens Cemetery, Funeral Homes & Crematory. We can help you with all of the necessary arrangements for you and your loved one. Give us a call right now or visit our location today for more information.

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