Types of Funeral Services Your Family Can Choose

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The norms and standards each family upholds after death are shaped by the family’s own beliefs and traditions as well as the wishes of the departed. Allowing the family time and space to organize a funeral that is appropriate for the departed is essential. This is why some local funeral homes in Lake Nona, FL offers a lot of options to assist families in conducting different funeral services to meet the needs of the bereaved family.

Different types of funeral services that families can choose

Customary Burial Rituals

Most of us immediately think of funeral services when we hear the term funeral. People gather to remember the departed and pay their respects in a funeral ceremony. This may occur in a house of worship, a funeral home, or the residence of the deceased. The corpse of the deceased is often present at the funeral. After the funeral service is finished, the body is often sent to a cremation or cemetery.

An Act of Remembrance

The main difference between a funeral and a memorial ceremony is that during the latter, the deceased person’s corpse is not present (though their ashes may be, in the case of cremation). Since memorial ceremonies don’t have to take place immediately after a death, it gives out-of-town friends and relatives time to make travel plans. Aside from traditional funeral homes, other venues including parks and gardens are also suitable for these gatherings.

Funeral at home

A funeral held at home is typically less formal. It’s possible that the individual has passed away at home, and as a natural continuation of the care they’ve previously received, the family has decided to keep them nearby. Until the time of the burial or cremation, we may help you care for their body in your own home.

Private funeral

It’s possible that a family would choose to hold a modest funeral ceremony with attendance limited to those who were invited, followed by the publication of a death notice in the local newspaper.

Family led service

Some families decide that they would like to be more engaged in every aspect of the funeral process, from caring for the body to creating the coffin to organizing the service to carrying the body in their own vehicles.

A straightforward option for those interested in cremation or burial

Direct cremation or burial eliminates the need for a funeral service by transporting the corpse directly from the placefuneral homes in Lake Nona, FL of death to the crematorium or cemetery. Still, that shouldn’t prevent someone from getting together with relatives and buddies whenever they like.

Celebration of Life

Those who want to be present at their own burial and share in the festivities can do so by opting for a “living funeral.” Depending on their state of health, a live funeral can be planned in advance to give far-flung loved ones a chance to pay their respects in person. An unstructured gathering of weekend guests is just as possible as a formal ceremony.

If you have already thought about what kind of funeral suits your family’s needs, you can contact local funeral homes in Lake Nona, FL to assist you further.

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