What to Expect with a Traditional Funeral and Burial

Posted on May 16, 2022 by Osceola Memory Gardens under Funeral Homes
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If you are faced with the difficult task of planning a funeral and burial for a loved one, you may feel lost and overwhelmed. Your funeral home near Lake Nona, FL, can help you understand what steps will be necessary, and what to expect. That way, when you are going through the decision-making process, you will feel a little bit more prepared.

Most traditional funerals begin with either a visitation or viewing period. This can take place the day before the funeral, or it can both happen on the same day. Many people decide to have them on two separate days so that people have more freedom to attend according to their schedules. The main difference between viewing and visitation is whether the casket is open or closed. In both situations, the body will be present in a casket, but only with viewing will it be open for people to see. The immediate family of the deceased will often stand near the casket, greeting attendees as they come through. A short hug and exchange of words will be enough to keep the line moving. More catching up can be done afterward.

After the viewing or visitation, the next thing to come will be the funeral itself. You will need to choose an officiant, which could be someone from the funeral home, a pastor from your place of worship, or even a qualified family member or friend. If there will be a religious aspect to the services, they will lead the attendees through a service. Someone will need to provide a eulogy, usually a close family member or friend. Sometimes the floor will then be opened to anyone who would like to share a few words, a story, or a memory about the deceased. After the funeral is over, there may then be a procession to the cemetery, where a graveside service may take place prior to burial.funeral home near Lake Nona, FL

After a long day of grieving together, there will often be a post-funeral reception of some kind. This is a chance for everyone to get together and share a meal in a more informal setting. These can take place inside a funeral home or church’s gathering hall, at the home of a family member, or at a restaurant. You may choose to have it catered, or it can be done in a potluck style, where everyone brings a passing dish to share. This can be a great way for everyone to unwind from the long day, catch up, and share stories about the departed.

This is the basic outline of what to expect with a traditional funeral and burial. There are many variations that can occur depending on your circumstances. Your funeral home near Lake Nona, FL, is here to help you make all the necessary arrangements, and they will provide any assistance you may need. That way, you can get through the difficult day with as little stress as possible, allowing yourself to focus on grieving and being with family.

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