What You Should Know About Direct Cremation Services

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People have a general idea of what a cremation process is like, but they do not usually know that there are different kinds of cremations. Bio-cremation, for example, uses water instead of fire to break the body down. The most common option, however, is still direct cremation. Cremations providers have seen a steady rise in the amount of direct cremations every year. If you are considering this option for a loved one, it can be a good idea to know about the entire process.   cremations in Lake Nona, FL

Direct cremation uses fire. It burns the body, leaving only bones behind that are then pulverized and mixed with the ashes. This creates the cremated remains that you will receive. A direct cremation is the least expensive option you can choose, mainly because it means there will be no viewing or funeral service before the body is cremated. For people who are struggling financially to pay for funerary services, this can be the only way they can dispose of the body.   

Direct cremation is also the quickest funerary option. Once the paperwork is in place, the actual process takes two or three hours. Unlike with burials, which can take days of preparation, this can all be done in one or two days. Afterwards, if you prefer, you can plan a memorial service, but since the body will already be cremated, there is no rush. This is one thing that can really persuade people to choose cremation over burial.   

Something to keep in mind is that not all funeral homes can provided direct cremation services. If you have decided on this process, you need to choose a funerary company that can provide it. You can check online for companies in your area or look through the funeral home’s website to see if this is something they can offer.   

Although you cannot choose exactly when the cremation will take place, most funerary homes and crematories will take into consideration any special dates that you want to avoid. If you have birthdays or holidays coming up and you do not want to associate them with the cremation, speak with the funeral director or crematory director as soon as possible. They will do their best to ensure your needs are met.   

In no instance can the crematory or funeral home force you to purchase an urn or any other kind of container. Most people who choose direct cremation for a loved one opt for a simple pine box that the crematory provides, and they use the cardboard box the company provides to carry the remains.   

When deciding on a provider of cremations in Poinciana, FL, take the time to speak to the director about direct cremations. If you have questions or worries, they will put them to rest so that you can make the correct choice for your loved one. Speak with Osceola Memory Gardens Cemetery, Funeral Homes & Crematory by visiting them at 1717 Old Boggy Creek Rd Kissimmee, FL 34744 or calling (407) 847-2494. 

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