Why Cremation Services are a Greener Option

Posted on April 11, 2022 by admin under Cremation Service
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As time goes on, it becomes more and more clear that we must make responsible choices when it comes to how our actions impact the environment. This can include many aspects of our life, from what we eat, to what we drive. You may not know that when it comes to making final arrangements, whether you’re planning your own or those of a loved one, you can control your footprint as well. Choosing cremation services near Lake Nona, FL can give you peace of mind that you’re making a more environmentally-friendly decision, for several reasons.

To begin with, traditional burial requires a plot of land. Over hundreds of years, cemeteries become overcrowded, and more and more land is required. With cremation, even if you want to bury your loved one’s ashes, a single burial plot can be used by multiple different family members. This is much more efficient and uses much less land. Many people don’t even have their loved one’s cremated remains buried, but instead keep them in their home, scatter them, or have them interred in a columbarium niche. All of these options require little or no space, and can still be excellent ways to provide a memorial to your loved one.

Next, consider the number of resources that are used to make caskets, and then buried in the ground. Metals like copper and steel are frequently used in the making of caskets, as well as quality hardwoods. In fact, in an average cemetery, there is enough hardwood buried to build an entire neighborhood’s worth of houses. The metal components may never fully break down and will sit buried in the earth for generations to come. When you choose cremation services, none of these precious resources are consumed. You can even find biodegradable urns that allow for a green burial of ashes in the earth or at sea.

With traditional burial, embalming services are commonly utilized to allow for viewing prior to the funeral. Embalming requires the use of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, and with burial, these chemicals have a chance to permeate the soil. Additionally, many of the chemicals used on the casket’s exterior to provide a finish are toxic as well. These pollutants come into contact with the earth as soon as the burial takes place.cremation services near Lake Nona, FL

All this isn’t to say that cremation is a perfect process, with no environmental impact whatsoever. During the cremation process, greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are released into the air. These gases can contribute to climate change, and they’re not ideal. However, when compared to traditional burial, it’s clear to see that cremation services are the “greener” option. Whether your loved one was passionate about protecting the environment, or you’re just beginning to realize how your actions can impact the earth, it’s important to consider how the disposition of remains fits into the picture. You can ask your provider of cremation services near Lake Nona, FL, for more information on how to lower your footprint. You can also inquire about more environmentally friendly options for traditional burial, such as biodegradable caskets. These actions may seem small, but they add up over time to help protect the planet for future generations.