How to Have a Funeral Service on a Budget

Posted on April 2, 2018 by admin under Funeral Homes
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Everyone knows how expensive funerals and burials can be. There is the need to purchase a casket and to pay for a burial plot, as well as smaller fees that can still add up. This can be a concern for people who are dealing with a smaller budget, but there are ways to make a bit of money last. We have some suggestions on how to have a memorable funeral service on a budget.

Shop Around

The most important decision you can make is to choose the right funeral home. Not every funeral home charges the same for their services, so by having a few different ones to compare, you can select the one that will be best for your budget. Ask each funeral home for a general price list to get a sense of what you will be asked to pay.

Bring Your Own Flowers

A great way to save money is to bring your own flowers for the funeral service. The funeral home has to allow this and it can mean saving a lot on arrangements. If you have friends who have gardens, why not ask them to bring a bouquet of their flowers? This will not only look wonderful in the funeral home, but it will add a personal touch to the service.

Keep Service Small

You do not have to host a huge funeral service for hundreds of people. A small service will ensure that everyone gets to say their goodbyes to your loved one in an intimate gathering. This will help when it comes to food and drinks you will have to provide, and will also make the experience a more moving one because everyone who will be there will have known the person well. A funeral home can help you plan a smaller service easily.

Potluck Reception

Another way to save money when hosting a funeral is to make the reception a potluck. People always feel the need to bring food to the bereaved family, so why not ask them to help during the funeral reception? If everyone brings a single dish, there will be no need for expensive catering companies. This can also help you avoid the stress of having to deal with those same companies when also dealing with grief.

Homemade Memorial Gifts

A tradition that many people participate in is to provide memorial gifts after the funeral service. You can still do this if you are on a budget. Instead of having engraved items, why not make special homemade gifts? Something as simple as a special bookmark can be exactly the right thing for the occasion.

You do not have to spend a fortune on a funeral service. You can still honor your loved one on a budget and it can many times be even more special than a normal service. To get started planning the service, contact Osceola Memory Gardens at 1717 Old Boggy Creek Road Kissimmee, FL 34744. Call them at (407) 847-2494!

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