Is it Possible to Combine a Traditional Funeral with Cremation Services?

Posted on September 26, 2022 by Osceola Memory Gardens under Cremation Service
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Many people associate memorial services with cremation. A memorial service refers to final services that take place without the presence of the departed’s physical remains, as opposed to a traditional funeral, in which their body must be present. However, many people who choose cremation services near Orlando, FL, still wish to have a traditional funeral, and fortunately for them, it can easily be done.

A funeral service typically is preceded by either viewing or visitation. This normally takes place the day before the actual funeral service. A viewing would involve an open casket, where family and friends who attend can walk up and say a final goodbye to their loved ones. It also offers an opportunity for those attending to express their condolences to the immediate family of the deceased. A visitation serves a similar purpose, but without an open casket. In both of these cases, if cremation is to be the method of disposition, the family would simply rent a casket for the services, rather than purchasing one. It’s not necessary to purchase a casket because there will be no burial taking place.

The next day is when the funeral takes place. This can happen at either the funeral home or many times it is held at a chosen place of worship. Someone is chosen to lead the services, which maycremation services near Orlando, FL include a religious aspect. A family member or friend is chosen to deliver the eulogy. Sometimes family or friends may have contributions to the services, such as playing a song, reading a poem, or simply sharing a memory. These are all ways to make a funeral service personal and meaningful.

After the funeral, rather than being transported to the cemetery for burial, your loved one’s remains will be taken to the crematory, in order to prepare for cremation. This is essentially the only difference between having a funeral and burial and having a funeral and cremation. The family will receive their loved one’s remains back in the form of bone ashes, contained in a temporary urn. They will have the choice of purchasing an urn, interring their loved one’s ashes in a columbarium niche, burying their remains, or scattering their ashes in a beloved place. After the cremation has taken place, then it is up to the family to decide what to do next.

As you can see, it is completely realistic and possible to have a traditional funeral followed by cremation services. For many people, having a viewing and funeral is essential to their family’s traditions, or their religion’s tenets. It is also a very important part of the grieving process because it allows family and friends to say a final, physical goodbye to their loved ones. For some people, it’s the best way for them to accept their loss, and begin the process of figuring out their lives from there on out. After this, your provider of cremation services near Orlando, FL, will take the lead. That way, you can have the freedom to bury, inter, display, or scatter your loved one’s ashes, putting them to peace in the way that is most fitting for them.

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