Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cemetery

Posted on June 18, 2018 by Osceola Memory Gardens under Funeral Homes
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If you are pre-planning your funeral arrangements or you are purchasing a plot for a loved one who has passed away, you want to ensure you choose the right cemetery. In most cities, there are a lot of options, which can make the selection a more complicated one. If you are not certain about which cemetery is right for your needs, we have some of the most important questions to ask.

What are the Rates and Fees?

You want to have a clear idea of how much a plot will cost in the cemetery you are considering. Ask for a full price list and be sure it includes fees for other services as well. Some people do not realize that it is not just the plot you have to pay for, but all other things that go along with the land itself, like maintenance.

Are there Different Types of Plots?

This is important if you or your loved one wants a special size. If you want to purchase a larger area for a family, then you need to be sure that this is an option in the cemetery that you are considering. It is not always available in every cemetery, so keep that in mind.

Monthly Maintenance Fees or Yearly Ones?

Another concern that you want to ask about is maintenance. Some cemeteries ask for a yearly fee for their services, while others prefer a monthly one. Depending on your budget, one may be better than the other for you. Also, be sure to ask about the kinds of maintenance offered. Not every cemetery provides full maintenance, which might require you to hire someone else to do it. If this is the case, a funeral home can help you find the right maintenance expert.

What Type of Markers are Allowed?

For people who want elaborate markers, this question is important. Some cemeteries allow only certain options, since they prefer for a more uniform look, while others allow you to place any type you like for your loved one. Keep this in mind when deciding on the cemetery, since it can make a huge difference in your decision.

Are there Casket Restrictions?

Some cemeteries also have casket restrictions. Some require a vault or a liner to prevent the earth from caving in once the casket breaks down, while others allow for simple, green options like shrouds. If this is a concern, be sure to ask.

By asking as many questions as you can, certain decisions are easier as you choose the right cemetery for your loved one or even for yourself. There are so many great options that it can be overwhelming, so be sure to also ask for help from the funeral home that you are using. They will be able to guide you depending on your budget and preferences. Get started by reaching out to Osceola Memory Gardens at 1717 Old Boggy Creek Road Kissimmee, FL 34744. Dial (407) 847-2494.

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