What Expenses You Can Expect with a Funeral and Burial

Posted on September 19, 2022 by Osceola Memory Gardens under Funeral Homes
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When you’re faced with planning a funeral for a loved one, many different emotions are likely to be running through your head. First and foremost, you most likely feel an immense sense of grief and loss at their passing. Losing a loved one is never easy, and it can change your life in certain ways forever. In addition to these feelings of grief may come even more stress due to all the decision-making that’s required for making arrangements. Additionally, the costs of a funeral are not to be taken lightly. Your funeral home near Orlando, FL, can help show you a detailed and straightforward list of their pricing so that you know exactly what your money is going toward. Here are some of the main things that you can expect to pay for with a traditional funeral and burial.


First of all, if you’re planning to have a traditional funeral with a viewing or visitation, your funeral home will have a basic package that covers most of the services they must provide. This will cover things like the use of the funeral home itself, the services and assistance of the funeral director and staff, and more. This can be quite comprehensive and includes helping to schedule and make all the arrangements, as well as being present before, during, and after the services to make sure that they proceed smoothly.


If you choose to have a viewing for your loved one the day before the funeral, you will need to purchase embalming services as well. Embalming is a method of preservation that delays the processfuneral home near Orlando FL by which the body begins to break down. If you do not choose to have an open-casket viewing, embalming may not be necessary. In addition, there will be different options when it comes to how long the viewing will be, and whether it takes place on the day before or the day of the funeral, all of which can affect the cost.


If your loved one will be cremated, but you still wish to have a viewing and a funeral with their body present, you can usually rent a casket for these services. However, for a traditional burial, you will need to purchase a casket. Depending on what kind you choose, this can come at a significant cost. You will also need to pay for a burial plot in a cemetery, and the graveside service and commitment may come at an additional cost as well. Additionally, you’ll have to purchase a grave marker or headstone to mark their final resting place.


These are some of the main costs that you can expect when planning a funeral and burial. There are many other optional services and merchandise that you can purchase, like flowers or other special memorial items. Be sure to ask your local funeral home near Orlando, FL, for a general price list, so that you can make an informed decision as to which services you’ll need. Then you can work out a plan that fits within your budget while also fulfilling your and your loved one’s wishes and wants. Finally, you can take comfort in knowing that your loved one’s final arrangements will be carried out with respect and dignity.

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